2018 Class List

If you would like to enroll for a class we have quite a few classes to choose from.  There are classes for beginners to experienced quilters, and an addition of crochet and knit along mornings.

About The Quilters' Patch

About The Quilters' Patch

We are a quilting shop and gathering place for all things quilting. Come and learn, be inspired, develop skills – and most importantly, sit back, relax and enjoy quilting. Take a look at our quilting shop.

The Quilters' Patch class list

The Quilters' Patch class list

Our quilting classes and quilting group cater for all skills cater for all levels; from beginner to advanced patchworkers.

The Quilters’ Patch supplies a diverse range of quilting fabric and supplies at affordable prices.

Our experienced teachers offer a wide variety of quilting classes for beginner to advanced quilters.


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